Drinking water has always been good for your health to keep your skin hydrated. Not only is it beneficial for your overall health, but choosing the right kind of water can boost protection to teeth as well.

Most people do not know that drinking the fluoridated water can also be valuable for dental care. Tap water, which consists of fluoride, helps prevent cavities from forming while bottled water has been removed of the important element.


Fluoride is a natural cavity fighter that helps prevent tooth decay by strengthening the tooth enamel and protecting it against bacteria. This is normally found in tap water that is added by the community water system.

Bottled water, on the other hand, has been processed. And although it contains different vitamins and minerals, they lack fluoride, which is an essential ingredient to protect the teeth. Bottled water is filtered and cleaned, as claimed by the manufacturers, which because of the process removes other essential compounds.

Tap water is also the best way to keep your mouth clean. Sodas and bottled juices may taste good, but they always contain sugar, which increases the growth of cavity causing bacteria.

These bacteria break the sugar down, which is converted into acid deteriorating the enamel of your teeth. Bottled water also contains acid that corrodes the outer layer of your teeth.

Community water fluoridation is one big factor in keeping teeth healthy. It is a safe and convenient way of preventing dental problems. Fluoride is also a natural element found in the Earth’s water systems.

Much like fortifying foods with vitamins and minerals, fluoridated water found in tap water is the safest way to prevent cavities as opposed to bottled water which often contains detrimental compounds. Be sure to keep your teeth healthy by practicing essential dental habits and by having regular dental checkups.

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