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What You Should Know About Emergency Dental Care

You know the three digits you need to dial in order to get help from first responders and you know whether to get critical care when you’re faced with a medical emergency. But do you know where to turn when you have a severe toothache, facial trauma or knocked-out tooth? Not all dentists offer emergency dental services. But the dental offices that do offer emergency dentistry can deliver prompt relief for pain and dental services that can save teeth. Take a look at some of the many things an emergency dentist can do for you.

Recognizing a Dental Emergency
Note: if you’re ever unsure where to turn for a medical emergency, you should always seek out an emergency room or contact first responders. The tips here on recognizing a dental emergency do not constitute medical advice.

Each case will be unique to a degree, but there are some common things you can look for when determining if your oral health issue is an emergency or something that can wait:

• Pain – if the pain is persistent and any bleeding is under control, your dentist can help ensure the rest of your day is pain-free
• Fever – combined with other symptoms, such as a toothache, a fever could be a sign of a dental emergency
• Swollen gums – severely swollen gums may need immediate care from a dentist
Solutions for Dental Emergencies
These are some of the many issues an emergency dentist will be set up to treat on short notice:
• Toothaches – an emergency dentist can perform same-day filling and root canals
• Broken teeth – an emergency dentist can also bond or put temporary caps on chipped, cracked or broken teeth
• Dislodged teeth – if acted on quickly, a dislodged tooth can be successfully saved and reinserted into the socket
• Facial trauma – with the bleeding under control, an emergency dentist can patch up oral wounds and help them heal properly

Find Out More from a Dentist in Williston Park, NY
Take a brief moment to schedule an appointment with a dentist in Williston Park, NY to learn more about how emergency dentistry can help you in a tight spot.

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