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Have you ever bitten into something way too hot and burned your tongue? It happens, even to the best of us. It is an issue that almost everyone has dealt with at one time or another.

Most of the time, the burns can go away on their own and without any need for intervention. However, if your tongue is burned so badly that you have blisters or you see sores that start seeping pus, you need to come in and see us right away.


As soon as the burn happens, drink something cold. Ideally, you want to drink a bit of cold water. Ice is not necessary, but cold is.

Then, get another glass of cold water and eat something that is colder than room temperature. Consider a bit of applesauce or yogurt. Make sure to eat a little and drink some water after so that you do not wind up with debris in the wound.

After you are done eating, rinse your mouth with some salt water. This should be about a cup of warm water, with about one teaspoon of salt dissolved in it. Rinse and spit 3-4 times before being done. Repeat this after each meal to help promote healing.

If none of those really help, try an over the counter pain reliever. This will help take the edge off the pain as it heals. You should consider taking one that keeps swelling down if at all possible, to help with healing.

Burned tongues are a pain, literally and figuratively speaking. They hurt to move around, speak, eat, and even drink. Making sure to take care of it right as it happens can help hasten healing.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (516) 686-9780 today.

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