Going to the dentist for routine cleanings and exams is critical for preventing serious oral health issues from occurring. Dental visits for diagnosing the cause of specific symptoms is also important for treating oral health issues and preventing them from getting worse. However, if you experience fear and/anxiety about going to the dentist, you may avoid treatments at all costs, no matter how serious the issue is. This can quickly lead to oral health issues growing progressively worse, and requiring more invasive treatments later. At National Dental Williston Park, we can provide you with sedation, allowing you to relax while you get the treatments that you need to be done.


Fear and anxiety about visiting the dentist is a common occurrence. For some patients, these fears and anxieties are so severe that they avoid seeking any dental treatment, even if they know that they have a serious problem. No matter if it’s a dental cleaning and exam or an oral surgical procedure, ignoring your oral health care can have significant consequences. Many oral health issues only grow worse the longer they go untreated, leaving you at risk for developing serious problems, and may require much more invasive treatments.

Sedation is a completely safe, effective way of helping dental patients who experience fear and anxiety about dental visits. It is designed to help you to relax, allowing you to undergo your necessary dental treatments. There are several other uses for sedation as well:

  • Your gag reflex is bad.
  • You have trouble sitting still for any length of time.
  • You have a low pain tolerance, or your teeth are exceptionally sensitive.
  • Your scheduled procedure will take a long time, or you need to have several procedures done at once.


Oral sedation is a type of moderate, conscious, sedation. It involves taking a medication (common sedatives include lorazepam and diazepam) by mouth before your procedure. The medication is designed to make you relax completely, but you are still awake. Even though you are completely conscious, you may experience temporary amnesia, which can cause you to forget parts, or all, of your procedure.

With oral sedation, you will be prescribed your specific sedative that you will be instructed to take an hour before your appointment. It is important that you have someone drive you to the office, as the medication typically begins working within 30 minutes (the exact time varies from patient to patient). You will also need someone to drive you home, as it will take a while for the effects to wear off.


Sedation dentistry has several benefits:

  • It is safe.
  • You will remain relaxed and calm throughout your entire procedure.
  • You get the treatments you need, which will greatly help to improve your oral health.

Don’t let your fear or anxiety keep you from getting necessary dental treatments. Call National Dental Williston Park today at (516) 686-9780 to find out if sedation dentistry is right for you.