Tooth loss has a major impact on your life. Replacing them is important. For many years, your options for replacing missing teeth were limited. Depending upon the number of teeth you were missing, you would either be provided with a dental bridge (one to three missing teeth), a partial denture (several consecutive missing teeth in one area), or complete dentures (you are missing all of the teeth in a single arch, or both arches). Today, you have more options. At National Dental Williston Park, we are proud to offer Nobel Biocare dental implants.


Dental implants are unlike any other replacement options available. They consist of small titanium rods that are surgically placed into your jawbone. They then rely on a process known as osseointegration, or the fusion of your jawbone to the implants. Successful fusion turns the implants into stable “roots” that support your replacement teeth.


At National Dental Williston Park, we are proud to offer Nobel Biocare dental implants. Nobel is the leading manufacturer of dental implants worldwide. They aim to restore the quality of life for tooth loss patients. Nobel Biocare’s research and development is fueled by achieving this goal, which stems from the discovery of osseointegration back in the 1950s. While their products are simple in design, they offer superior strength and aesthetics, and many of their products have become industry standards around the world.


Implants are highly customizable and can be used to replace any number of missing teeth. To fit your needs, there are several types of dental implants:

  • Single tooth implants. I single titanium rod is used to support a single crown.
  • Multiple tooth implants. Also known as an implant supported bridge, this type of implant is an alternative to both fixed bridges and partial dentures. They are used to replace several missing teeth in one area and are supported by one or more implants.
  • Implant supported dentures. When you are missing all of the teeth in a single arch (or both arches), implant supported dentures can take the place of traditional dentures. 6 to 8 implants are used to provide support.
  • All-on-4® Treatment Concept. If your jawbone is not strong enough to support implant supported dentures, All-on-4® Treatment Concept implants may be an option. Your replacement teeth are held securely in place with four strategically placed implants.


Implants involve a surgical procedure. We start with a local anesthetic. If necessary, we can provide you with sedation as well. Incisions are made in your gum tissue, which exposes your jawbone. We then drill holes into your jawbone and place the implants. Your gums are stitched closed around the implants, leaving a small section exposed above the gums, and temporary teeth are placed.

Healing from implant surgery takes anywhere from several weeks to several months to complete, depending on the number of implants. As you heal, we will monitor your progress, making sure your jaw is properly fusing with the implants. Once you have completely healed, we then start the process for your replacement teeth. We place abutments, or connectors, on the exposed ends of the implants and take impressions. The impressions are used to design and fabricate your replacement teeth. Once your permanent teeth are done, we screw them into place on your implants, and you are left with a permanent, fully functional smile.


There are several benefits to dental implants:

  • You can eat all of your favorite foods once again. You can chew properly, which can improve your digestion and your overall nutrition.
  • Your speech is improved.
  • The beauty of your smile is restored, as is your confidence.
  • Your oral health improves.
  • Implants are permanent.
  • Your replacement teeth can be cared for just like your natural teeth.
  • Implants preserve the strength of your jawbone, preventing the bone loss typically associated with tooth loss.

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