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Can Invisalign Help Even If I just have a Few Crooked Teeth

Do you really have to commit to metal braces if you only have a single crook tooth, or just a few of them? In the past, the answer would have yes. Even just one misaligned tooth is worth straightening. Improving the alignment of misaligned teeth, even if it’s just one of them or only a few, can help preserve teeth. That’s because misalignment can cause teeth to wear unevenly and can erode the biting surfaces on top of teeth. Take a look at what Invisalign can do to help you straighten teeth fast, whether it’s one tooth, a few teeth or all of your teeth.

How Invisalign Straightens Teeth
After your initial examination, your dentist will take digital impressions of your teeth and will have custom Invisalign aligner trays ordered just for you. The aligner trays will be shaped to fit snuggle on your teeth, with a gentle pressure being exerted on the tooth or teeth you want to straighten.
You’ll be given a new set of trays every few weeks, with each set progressively moving the tooth or teeth into their optimal alignment. And at the end of treatment, all of your teeth will align perfectly and you’ll finally have the symmetrical smile you’ve been after.

Other Considerations for Invisalign
The orthodontic uses for Invisalign don’t end with corrected crooked teeth. Invisalign can also correct the following conditions:
Overbite – the top teeth jut forward past the bottom teeth
Underbite – the bottom teeth jut forward past the top teeth
Crossbite – the lower and upper jawbones don’t align, causing some teeth to stick out and others to sink in
Gaps – there’s too much space between two or more teeth
Crowding – there isn’t enough room in the mouth, so teeth are jammed together
Gape – there are areas where the top and bottom teeth don’t meet when the mouth is closed

More on Invisalign in Williston Park, NY
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