Oral exams are an essential part of your oral health. They not only act as a preventative measure, catching problems in their early stages, they are also an integral part of diagnosing the cause of specific symptoms, allowing us to provide effective treatment and restore the health of your mouth. Part of your oral exam involves a visual inspection of your mouth. At National Dental Williston Park, we use the intraoral camera to get the best views possible so that we can provide the best care possible for your needs.


For many years, the only way to get a look at some of the harder to see spaces of your mouth was with a small metal mirror. While it can provide us a slightly better view, its abilities are still very limited. At National Dental, these metal mirrors have been replaced with the intraoral camera.

The intraoral camera is essentially a high-tech mirror. The wand is about the size of a large pen, and there is a tiny camera attached to one end. The wand is attached to a computer. As we move the camera around in your mouth, the camera captures this movement in real time and projects it onto a computer monitor. This allows us an up close and personal view of the structures inside your mouth.


An intraoral camera comes equipped with numerous features that allow us to get a much better view inside your mouth. Along with real-time images, the camera allows us to take stills. When we come across something suspicious, we can take a still image, allowing you to relax your mouth while we take a closer look. With specialized software, we can zoom in on the suspected area, and enhance the image for better clarity. We can also change the color display of the image. All of these features allow us to spot the tiniest details, and provide you with a much better diagnosis.


The images projected onto the computer monitor give you a unique look into the inside of your mouth. In the past, you would have no idea what was happening as we examined your teeth. You would have to try to imagine the things we would describe to you. You might not be able to fully understand what you were being told, or you might not believe that the issue was all that serious. However, with the intraoral camera, you can see everything that we see. The image can help you to understand your diagnosis, and why you are being recommended certain treatments.


Many people experience anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist. For some of these patients, this anxiety stems from the unknown. You may feel anxious while we examine and clean your teeth. With the intraoral camera, you can see everything that we are doing, helping you to relax and feel more comfortable.


At National Dental, your information is stored in a digital file (file on the computer). Any images that we take with the intraoral camera can be saved to this file as well. With a digital file, there is a greatly reduced risk of losing or damaging information and images. When we need to pull up an older image to compare to a recent one, we can do so quickly and easily.

The intraoral camera greatly aids in our ability to spot the smallest details of your mouth, providing you with a more accurate diagnosis and highly effective treatment. For more information, call National Dental Williston Park today at (516) 686-9780.