Developments are constantly being made in the field of dentistry, all of which are aimed at improving the quality of your care. 60 years ago, dental treatment was revolutionized by the introduction of air-driven handpieces. Over the years, improvements have been made on air-driven handpieces, eventually leading to the development of electric handpieces, which we use here at National Dental Williston Park.


With the introduction of air-driven handpieces, the quality of dental care provided greatly increased. Since their introduction, many improvements have been made, and some offices still use them today. They operate using an air turbine and foot pedal. However, at National Dental, we employ the use of the latest technological developments. Rather than an air turbine and foot pedal, electric handpieces operate using electricity. The handpiece itself can hold a variety of different tips, each of which is made to perform specific tasks, such as polishing your teeth or cutting enamel for dental restorations. The handpieces also operate at a variety of different speeds. Higher speeds, which tend to generate heat, are reserved for applications such as polishing ceramic or trimming enamel. Lower speeds (less heat), on the other hand, are used for procedures such as removing decay from cavities, endodontic treatment, and polishing the enamel of your teeth.


Air driven handpieces use an air turbine and a foot pedal for power. The foot pedal controls the speed required for your treatment. This can often lead to a lot of guesswork and unpredictability. Because electric handpieces are powered by electricity, this guesswork and unpredictability are eliminated. We can dial in the exact speed that we need for your specific treatment. Electric handpieces also provide us with the ability to preset specific speeds in for treatments we perform on a regular basis. This allows us not only to generate the exact power that we need with the push of a button, but it can greatly reduce the amount of time required for your treatment.


Air-driven handpieces are known for having issues with consistency. They may stall at lower speeds. They can often slow down when they are used for cutting through harder materials. They can also get bogged down when being used for longer periods of time. Electric handpieces do not have these same issues. They will not falter at low speeds, buckle when being used to cut hard materials, or start to slow down when being used for prolonged periods of time. These attributes help to ensure that your treatment is much more consistent from start to finish.


Even with all of the advancements made on air-driven handpieces, the air turbine is still loud. For patients with dental anxiety, this noise can keep them from seeking the dental treatments they need, even if that treatment is just a simple dental cleaning. Fear can cause you to skip treatments, which can lead to serious oral health issues later. With an electric handpiece, the noise level is greatly reduced, which can help you to relax in the chair while we perform your necessary treatments. This will help to greatly improve your oral health.

Electric handpieces have allowed us to greatly improve your oral health care. For more information, call National Dental Williston Park today at (516) 686-9780.