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The Permanent Solution to Missing Teeth

Restore Confidence with Dental Implants

When you are missing teeth or have failing teeth, your oral and overall health becomes compromised. Even just one missing tooth can cause you to change your diet or the way you eat foods, affect your self-confidence and appearance, and put you at risk of bone resorption, which leads to a changing bite. At National Dental’s Williston Park office, our doctors offer patients a solution for missing teeth with modern dental implants. Considered the gold standard for tooth replacement, dental implants restore natural appearance and function to your mouth. Using dental implants, we can replace single, multiple and even full arches of missing teeth through the All-on-4 dental implant solution. And with proper oral care, you can expect to keep your implants for the rest of your life.

5 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

  • Replace missing/failing teeth
  • Permanent with proper care
  • Eat the foods you love
  • Enhance self-confidence
  • Speak more clearly

Our Implant Process

Our dental implants restore full function and aesthetic appearance to your smile. The process to receive dental implants is a multi-step one that utilizes some of the most up-to-date technology. To place a dental implant, you must first have adequate jaw bone support, so if bone loss has occurred due to resorption, then a bone graft may be necessary. Once your jaw has adequate bone, the biocompatible titanium implant post is inserted into your jaw and allowed to heal. During the final stage of your dental implant procedure, we will create a dental crown that matches your smile and bite perfectly. Once the dental crown is placed on your implant, your smile will look natural and you will be able to eat and speak comfortably.
Artist rendering of a dental implant with a cut-out showing the post and crown

A Modern Dental Practice

When placing dental implants in Williston Park, NY, we utilize some of the most cutting-edge technology in the industry. We always start with 3D digital cone beam scans of your mouth to capture highly detailed images of your mouth and supporting structures. We use these images to create a computer-generated implant guide, which directs our doctors to the precise location, angle and depth to place the implant, removing all guesswork from the procedure. Many patients also choose to be sedated with advanced IV sedation, which is performed in-office by one of our certified sedation dentists. IV sedation will give you a virtually painless and anxiety-free surgery, and many patients don’t remember a thing from the surgery. After receiving dental implants, most patients experience a drastic increase to their overall quality of life, feeling more confident than they have in years.
Advanced dental implant components

The Proof Is In Our Patients

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